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Beta Ouverte coréenne le 21 Juin

Ecrit par Coxie, le 24-05-2012

Dernièrement nous avions appris que la béta ouverte Coréenne aurait lieu en Juin ou Juillet sans plus de précisions.
Ces précisions sont maintenant connues et c'est le 21 Juin que nos amis Coréens accéderont à cette phase Open. Cela a été confirmé sur par un communiqué de Kim Taek-Hyum sur Blade & Soul Dojo


Hello everyone,

Spring 2012 was a special time for us at NCSoft. We worked very hard to bring you the Soul Party and Appetizing events In April and CBT3 in May.

Not only was the 3rd CBT long but there were a lot of new systems implemented into Blade & Soul. These new features brought lots of feedback and some valid criticisms.

There were things we could fix right away but others just couldn't be fixed right on the spot during CBT3. We will fully reflect on the communities feedback and get rid of the fatigue system and change many other features to bring you a better game in the end.

It is almost summer and we can't wait to meet you again on June 21st for OBT.

Please have faith in us and thank you for playing.

-NCSoft Business Director, Kim Taek-Hyun

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