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Mise à jour Légendaire pour Blade & Soul

Ecrit par Aemaeth, le 03-12-2012

Une mise à jour conséquente est en préparation pour Blade & Soul. Ce mois-ci, quatre nouvelles instances seront donc ajoutées au contenu déjà présent, de quoi proposer aux joueurs de longues heures de jeu en conséquence. Ajoutons aussi qu’une arène 1vs1 sera implémentée pour les joueurs désirant combattre et ainsi tester leurs aptitudes. Ils n’auront plus qu'à se rendre à l’Ecole de Hong-Moom pour se préparer.


The Legend

One who finds the secret of the legend will become truly legendary in the world of Blade & Soul. The Frozen Warehouse, Port Blood Shark and the long awaited Spiral Labyrinth! The secrets of the legendary weapon lies within these dungeons. Prepare yourselves!


The Frozen Warehouse

Port Blood Shark now takes a whole new form during the night. When the darkness covers the Port, the spirits of the members of the Choong-Gak Crew roam the port without even realizing that they are no longer of the living. The dead can no longer recognize friend from foe and will attack any living thing that they come in contact with. For that reason the Choong-Gak crew never leave their quarters during the night and thanks to the dead they don’t really need anyone on patrol. There is only one building that is lit up during this dark hour and that is the mysterious Frozen Warehouse. The warehouse emits such a cold air that not even the dead dare to roam close to it. Mysteriously, inside you will hear yelling, like someone is training martial arts along with screeching noises of machines and cogs, ticking and tocking. You will soon find out who or what is inside this Frozen Warehouse.

The Spiral Labyrinth

Inside the ancient ruins a mysterious labyrinth finally reveals itself. There’s a legend indicating there’s something mysterious hidden within the lowest floor of the ruins. Many enter hoping to find this mysterious treasure. The invaders are met by the Guardians of the spiral labyrinth and they will also meet many traps along the way to make the journey all the more treacherous. It is now up to you and your allies to challenge the Labyrinth to find out what is truly below its surface.


Night Time at Port Blood Shark

What would be different when you challenge the Port during the night? You will be met with different bosses and challenges as you try to conquer the Port once again during a time of darkness.

Tower of Mushin, the God of Kung Fu; The 8th Floor Revealed.
Finally, the 8th floor of the Tower has been added! Those of you who had reached the 8th Floor after defeating Jung Ha-Do will be met with the one and only Mushin Chun Jin-Kwon. Don’t celebrate just yet, many challenges of the Mushin awaits you in the future.

The Duel

Players can finally meet at the Hong-Moon School to duel each other to test each other’s skills. Challenge your skill and your foes to earn experiences and other various rewards. Dueling is available for all players.



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